Where can I collect the recovered item?

If your item has been found, we will let you know where and when you can pick it up. Items cannot be collected on that same day. Depending on the station, you will be able to pick up the item within one to three days. This process cannot be sped up. Always make sure to note the relevant opening hours.

How much is the reclaim fee?
  • With a GA travelcard = CHF 5 per item
  • With a Half-Fare Travelcard = CHF 10 per item
  • With a personal annual point-to-point travelcard or regional travelcard = CHF 10 per item
  • With none of the above = CHF 20 per item
  • Change to a different collection station following notification = CHF 10 per item
Where can I hand in items that I find?

If you find an item on the train or at the station, you can hand it in at a staffed ticket counter.